Payback Book Sales



Let your buyers know: Payback Books are coming!


The 2019-2020 fundraiser is Sept. 4-20, 2019. This year Payback Books sell for $20, and $10 from each book benefits our school!


In addition, you can download the Payback mobile app and enjoy more local savings for free when you've purchased a Payback Book!


Funds raised from the sale of Payback Books will be used by Woodburn PAWS to enhance the educational experience for Woodburn students and staff, including many events, activities, and grants provided by PAWS throughout the year.



  1. Envelopes with a sample book will be sent home with children on the first day of the sale. Show the enclosed Payback Book to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers and take their orders/collect payment.
  2. Make sure that your child’s Collection Envelope is filled out and returned with payment(s) or, if you’d prefer not to participate in this fundraiser, the unsold book. Collection Envelopes including payment or unsold books are due back to the last day of the sale.
  3. If you’ve sold/individually purchased only the one sample book, please keep that one and return the payment in the Collection Envelope. If you’ve sold more than one, keep the one sample book and return the payment for all ordered books in the Collection Envelope; the balance of ordered books will be sent home with your child at the end of the two-week sale. (For example: If you’ve sold five books, keep the one sample book at home and send in payment for all five. An additional four books will be sent home with your child at the end of the sale.)

*** PAYMENT ***

  • If you choose to pay with cash or check, please make sure that your child’s collection envelope is filled out and returned with either payment. Checks should be made payable to “Woodburn PAWS.” 
  • ONLINE ORDERS! You may purchase your payback books online. Simply click the button below to make your purchase via credit card. Send your order form back with your student and write "paid online."
  • For your child to be eligible for prizes, we must have all money (with the checks written out correctly) by the last day of the sale.




Payback Books include discounts at local outfits such as: Chuck's Produce, Natural Grocers, Grains of Wrath, HUB, Starcycle, Burntown, and Spankys, among countless others.

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